How to make your content mobile-friendly


How to make your content mobile-friendly: There are many users who access the internet with the help of their desktop or laptop. Also, users who access the internet with their smartphones are increasing tremendously. People prefer checking their email or using facebook on the go.

Mobile friendly content should be the highest priority. But, the question is how to get started? Below are few tips which will help you make your content mobile-friendly so that you can increase your website traffic and user engagement.

How to make your content mobile-friendly

  • Use responsive design: Responsive design is the concept through which the content gets arranged according to the screen it has been viewed on. In simple terms, it makes your website mobile friendly.

If you want to know more about responsive web design and its importance, click here.

  • Choose fonts wisely: Google provides a huge variety of fonts which are amazing for the content. They are filled with various free options, but that doesn’t mean that they are all mobile friendly. You should choose those fonts which look good on small screens. Here are some of the best fonts from which you can choose from for your content:
  • Open Sans
  • Lato
  • Old Standard TT
  • Pt Serif
  • Ubuntu
  • Write small and important paragraphs: People are impatient while reading on the mobile. They want short and relevant content. They don’t want huge paragraphs. You have to make sure that when you are writing for your mobile audience, keep your content short and significant. Don’t write like you are writing a book.
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