UI and UX Design

UX Design is the User Experience Design, while UI Design refers to User Interface Design. Both UX and UI are crucial for a product development and work closely together.

UX – User Experience design is the user’s interaction with the application which should be as simple as efficient. In other words, the UX design can be viewed in such a way that whether it’s a custom web interface, a mobile application, browser-based game, or any other software product, it will enhance the user’s interaction with the application.

UX Design is a more technical, interactive and analytical field, but UI Design is what we refer to as graphics design.

User experience (UX) is core strength of any website or application. If user experience is not so good, it fails to get attention of the customers online for your business that is why our website and application development is not only focused on the backend services but we give the same amount of time to the user experience on the frontend.

We, at Dtechnovision, follow these stages to provide better user experience:

  • Design strategy – Requirement analyses for the targeted users for the business
  • Information planning – Research and analyses for competitors’ profiles and documenting all the research
  • Interface design – Collecting and evaluate user feedbacks
  • Wireframing and Prototyping – Creating multiple types of mockups and prototypes
  • Engaging Users – Regularly keep track of newer strategy to engage the users
  • Coordination – Regularly interacting with UI Designer(s) and Developer(s) and tracking their goals and integration

Used technologies:

  • Storyboards;
  • Autolayout;
  • Sprite Kit;
  • Angular2;
  • HTML5;
  • CSS

Something on the web that looks awesome but is difficult to use is example of good UI and poor UX. While Something on the web very usable but looks bad is example of good UX and poor UI. So they are both crucial and important for great web application.

UI And UX Design